Rhythmic Gymnastics
- Apparatus and Accessories Tips


  • Before you make any purchases, always check with your coach first. She may have a strong preference on the make, color and other particulars. You don't want to waste time and money.
  • For the younger gymnasts, to save money, you may want to check from the older girls to see if there are any used apparatus available - someone may have just outgrew their apparatus.
  • FIG COP 2006 says that if your apparatus breaks, and you stop your routine or continue with broken apparatus, you get ZERO. This is a change from the old rule where you still get partial score till the point the apparatus broke. Therefore, as a high level gymnast, having a spare set of apparatus is a MUST. If cost is holding you back, consider having a team spare set just for competitions. If there is a spare set of apparatus, DO NOT just leave it inside the bag, place it on the edge of the carpet so that it can be used if needed. Furthermore, remember to remove the spare after the performance (coach or gymnast) to avoid unncecessary deductions.
  • Every team should have a pair of small scissors, a sewing kit, some clear adhesive tape, nail polish and a small pump for the ball.
  • Always practice a few times before your competition with your hair done and leotards with all the crystal and sequences completed. A lot of young gymnasts have apparatus caught in their high bun or on the leotards - it takes time to make the necessary adjustments.
  • When decorating your apparatus, remember that static colors on a small swatch is quite different than when it is in motion. Remember that your audience and the judges are usually more than 20 feet away, small subtle color patterns and decorations may not be noticeable. It is easy to re-tape hoops and clubs, however, in picking color designs for ball and ribbon, you are committed to your choices.

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