There is no doubt that the latest push for men's rhythmic gymnastics is originated from Japan. Japanese men's rhythmic gymnastics is more than an inclusion of the male gender in the sport. It is an alternative rhythmic expression / style that showcases speed, power, aerial skills, precision and synchronization.

Anyone from North America who has attended the Japanese competitions will be impressed not only by the size of the audience, but by their active support and participation - It makes it fun for the participants as well as for the audience.

All these did not come by accident, for one, having both genders doubles the size of the field and therefore the audiences. Furthermore, while there are independent RG clubs, most of the rhythmic gymnastics programs are part of high school / university teams. You see school buses taking competitors as well as supporters to the competition hall. If you look at the picture on the left, it is a lineup to get into the competition hall three hours prior to opening to get a good seat. If other countries can generate a similar level of participation and support, half of the challenges will be gone.

For those that have run competitions before, finding volunteers is always a challenge. Look the pictures on the side at the number of jugdes, award volunteers and runners available at the All Japan Championship.

Result Archives

Results from previous years from the Japan Gymnastics Association have been archived here for general interest. If you read a little bit of Japanese, you should be able to find video archives from previous years as well.

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