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Whether you are a current or retired gymnast, a parent, a coach or a judge, you can help better the sport with your stories and thoughts.

I welcome also technical articles and information from outside the sport that can the gymnasts reach full potential.



EliteRG.com started in 1997 as a way to share information amongst parents and friends of Club Elite Rhythmic Gymnastics. Over the years, the website has evolved into a place for the code of points and other discussions.

As of 2007, EliteRG.com is officially a non-club oriented website dedicated towards providing resources for the sport and its community.


Mission Statement

Many people confuses rhythmic gymnastics with artistic gymnastics. Artistics gymnastics uses large equipments like the beam, the parallel bars, the horse, etc. You see lots of flips in artistic gymnastics events.

In rhythmic gymnastics, music is an integral part of the routine. Furthermore, the gymnasts manipulates small apparatus like the rope, ball, ribbon, clubs and hoops for women, and rope, stick, double rings and clubs for men.

Many think of rhythmic gymnastics only as the sport of rhythmic gymnastics as in the Olympics. However, rhythmic gymnastics can also be used for the family of sports that includes Special Olympics, Aethestic Group Gymnastics, martial gym and men's rhythmic gymnastics - each with their own competition rules. Using the bigger definition opens up new opportunities not available before.